SMARTBoard research

smartboard.jpgThe SMARTBoard research that I’ve been working on with Cathi and John is progressing rapidly! So far, we’ve surveyed the teacher candidates to get a sense of their technological background, skills, and attitudes toward technology infusion; and have offered support for three teacher candidate-associate teacher pairs as they planned math and science lessons that they will be using the SMARTBoard with at a partnership school.Thanks to data entry support from Christine, I’ve been able to import the survey data quickly into SPSS to run some descriptive stats. Upon reflection, I wished I had added a couple of items that might have yielded some interesting cross tabs, but maybe it won’t be too hard to get the additional info!It’s been interesting observing the planning sessions. The three pairs–or cases–have all collaboratively designed lessons using SMARTBoard. However, they’ve taken quite different pedagogical approaches. I can’t divulge much detail as of yet, but I’m looking forward to seeing how it plays out on Monday morning as one pair integrates SMARTboard while teaching a real live grade 8 science class!This research a also part of a pilot project at OISE, and you can read more about it here


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