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Hedieh and I were chatting in the lab about how we find that we don’t seem to blog as much as we used to since our blogs migrated from Movable Type and Wendy’s aggregator into the new GRAIL environment.

Granted, I’ve been preoccupied lately with my thesis research, EILP project work,  TEPA work, and settling into my new place in Toronto. Still, I used to find time to blog before, and it is not that I have no shortage of things to blog about! Somehow, it seemed easier to compose entries in Movable Type, and I used to read other student’s entries on the aggregator more regularly. Even though the university’s universal login (UtorID) means that I have a single login and password to access my many online spaces (e.g. library, Refworks, Refshare, Blackboard, GRAIL) on my bookmark toolbar, I find it to be a barrier to my weblog reading and writing practices. Is it because the “Blogs” tab within GRAIL isn’t as “public” on the web as it once was?


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  1. This is fixable, Nobuko. But because of the decision to freeze work on GRAIL for this term, I haven’t pursued it. There’s absolutely no reason that one should have to login for the Blogs tab, in my opinion. It also limits potential outsiders from participating.

    I think, overall, there needs to be a full revisit of problems in GRAIL (and there are many) with a focus on the correct path forward, to achieve the research results we need.

    I’d be interestedin hearing your feedback about composing entries. Most of the “scuttlebutt” on the ‘net is that WordPress (the new system) is an easier system for people to use for writing blog entries in than MovableType (the old system)…hearing some contrary viewpoints would be most welcome…

  2. Thanks for explaining, Joan! I’ll try to blog more about WordPress in the near future:)

  3. please do…it’s one of the few things I have time to deal with this term.

    The other option is that you can install a program on your PC that can blog for you…you can even do this from your phone, or I can set up email-to-blog gateways. All of this takes a little bit of effort, but I want to do what I can to make things easier for you!

    A list of additional clients you can use to post to WordPress are here:


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