Summer Institute 2005

Last week, I was at the IKIT Summer Institute 2005, which is a great place to meet and talk to fellow researchers interested in knowledge building. I presented on a panel, my first one ever. I’m definitely the rookie in this collaboration (what a great learning experience!). We had a good conversation going with the audience about problems in measuring online discourse, using scaffolds, etc. I hope to continue the discussion with researchers like Stéphane, who is finishing up his dissertation work also on progressive discourse, but in a preservice context.

This week, I’m helping Amy for a couple of days with her data collection, and learning how to use Squeak, a free, open source, downloadable media authoring tool invented by Alan Kay. So far, I really like the program, and how easily students can build fun models to test their mathematical and scientific ideas.

Amy and I have also been reflecting on ideas that Ben Levin (Deputy Minister of Education, Government of Ontario) presented on educational reform, so I’ll blog about that soon.


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