Innovation and educational reform


I have been having a lot of fun playing with Squeak. The drag and drop scripting makes it a lot more accessible for those who can’t program, like me. It is easy to use, and I think students would enjoy learning math using something like this. It sure beats the traditional chalk and talk approach, which didn’t work too well for me as a math student. I was none too swift with understanding math and relied heavily on discourse with peers. Once I understood, though, I would even out-perform the very kids who helped me understand on things like math contests. Go figure! So, I don’t think education has to remain something recognizable and conventional. I see potential in innovative programs like Squeak, that I’ve been playing with this week, or Knowledge Forum, that I’ve been using in my thesis research. Further, I think the pedagogy–constructionism, teaching for understanding, knowledge building, etc. underlying these kinds of cognitively-oriented technology really worthwhile.


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  1. There are so many worthwhile isms that technology can support. I had this realization (I know not original but) we who live in the world of learning theory can see that technology has huge potential for supporting our ideas, but when we talk about technology with others, the isms get lost. We end up talking about technology integration and we mean the ideas underlying what the technology supports. What happens is that the technology ends up supporting existing practice.

  2. So true! I notice that when I talk to teachers about my research or cognitively-oriented technology in general, I tend to get caught up explaining software functionality and possible activities instead of what is near and dear to my heart, the “isms.” Partly, I need to do this so they understand what I’m talking about, but perhaps we should be linking these two more explicitly in technology infusion professional development.

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