Repose and revelry


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A couple of days in the garden, I spent, to recover from the relentless race that is academia…

What a busy year it’s been. I began collecting my data just over a year ago, and just now completing this phase of the thesis journey, as the final online questionnaire responses come in.

So, I’ve been looking over the responses that I do have, in preparation for designing another questionnaire for a related SSHRC study that I work on. Later, I’ll be conducting interviews for this project, too, but first, the survey. This is the mode of data collection that I’m most experienced with, from undergraduate research on up to graduate work and work place contexts, but I still feel like I need to learn more about designing surveys, especially online ones.

After I posted this, I realized that I hadn’t really written anything about revelry per se, except I guess I take delight in inquiry–even if it is not exactly merry-making!!


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