CSSE 2005

CSSE May 28-31, 2005 London, ON

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Here we are, looking pretty relaxed after brunch following our symposium on manifold relational understanding (MRU) on the 29th!

It was great to see how our research in different contexts–undergraduate medical, preservice, graduate, secondary math and primary science–informs Earl’s new theory. He’ll be presenting the MRU paper at the upcoming AKRR’05 in Finland. We’re still in the early stages of understanding MRU so it would be good to see how our understanding evolves!

On the 28th, I presented a full paper in a Canadian Association for Teacher Education (CATE) session along with Clare, and Martha Gabriel. A lot of people attended our talk, and I really enjoyed the interactive discussion after each presentation. This is why I love presenting my work, getting constructive feedback from people who also work in my research area.


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