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  • Death of an email address

    At the end of this month, my FirstClass/OISEnet email address will be no more. People looking to contact me can do so through my utoronto.ca address which is still active, and there’s also nobuko.fujita@gmail.com This email migration is a bit of a pain. A lot of my logins are connected to the OISE email address.…

  • Moving photos over

    My blog has moved many times–from Blogger to Movable Type, then WordPress as a part of GRAIL, and finally to the most recent migration outside of GRAIL. In so doing, some of my photos went awry (or is it awol?). Thanks to Joan and Chris, I have recovered the photos and am now in the…

  • Hello world! (again)

    I imported my GRAIL blog posts here as I complete the last phase of my doctoral journey and look forward to starting my postdoctoral work. Hopefully my more recent posts will be easier to find outside of GRAIL.