Death of an email address

At the end of this month, my FirstClass/OISEnet email address will be no more. People looking to contact me can do so through my address which is still active, and there’s also

This email migration is a bit of a pain. A lot of my logins are connected to the OISE email address. Some, like PayPal, are easy to update; others are somewhat less so. For instance, I signed up for various society memberships (e.g., AERA, ISLS, CSSE) on my OISE email address and now I have to sort these out. There’s also the issue about my website. I’ve migrated information on my research and papers to my blog for now. This makes it easier to upload attachments (e.g., papers, presentation slides, etc.) because I was always running out of space on my FirstClass account anyway. Hopefully I won’t lose too much email from the migration…


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