CJLT article on online learning journals

I am pleased to announce that the article Clare, Bruce and I wrote a while back is finally in print!

Brett, C., Forrester, B. C., & Fujita, N. (2009). Online learning journals as an instructional and self-assessment tool for epistemological growth. Canadian Journal of Learning and Technology/La revue canadienne de l’apprentissage et de la technologie, 35(1) Winter/hiver. Available online at http://www.cjlt.ca/index.php/cjlt/article/view/517/247

That this publication has come out now is very timely in light of my current interests in formative assessment and research tools.


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  1. I am so head-deep in some research on the development of open access journals, that when I saw this title, I immediately assumed it was about how using online academic journals for epistemological growth. When I saw the paper, I realized it was quite a different meaning of journal. Very interesting.

    1. dreff Avatar

      It really depends on your frame of reference, doesn’t it? Now that you mention it, “online learning journals” sounds like open access journals rather than learning journals, learning logs, or weblogs (in later iterations of the study)!

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