Hello world! (and thanks Joan:)



Joan has been working nights migrating the GRAIL Blogs from the old Movable Type to the new WordPress setup!

I’m playing around with WordPress, and so far so good. It was easy to import my entries from before into WordPress following Joan’s directions. When composing an entry, I like that I can switch from the visual (or wysiwyg) view to the code view by clicking on tabs. Uploading files is straightforward.

What I still need to figure out is how to embed images in myentries that do not have a URL.

Update: Ta-da! Thanks for the tip, Joan.  I didn’t know what “send to editor” meant, but now I do.



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  1. Hi Nobuko!

    When writing a post, scroll down below the post editor. You’ll see an upload box. Browse to your picture, put in a name and description (both optional, but important for accessibility guidelines), then click Upload.

    When it’s done uploading, the Upload window gets a new tab: Browse. Here you’ll see a thumbnail of your new pic. You can then send it to the editor and embed it in your post.

    Too easy, right? 🙂

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