Re-envisioning the PhD

I subscribe to a number of listservs still, in this age of RSS feeds and such. Every now and then, I get good links this way, and this site offers useful resources on all phases of obtaining a PhD might be of interest:

This came from is the American Educational Research Association Graduate Student Listserv (AERA-GSL) moderated since 1994 by Bobbi and Scott Kerlin. They envisioned a public discussion forum where graduate students could actively engage in discussions about their graduate student experiences.

It still is their continuing hope that such discussions would have a positive impact on graduate student experiences and ultimately lead to the reform of graduate studies. The Re-envisioning the PhD site focuses on many of the issues of outcomes of graduate studies over the past decade.

Through my quick browse, I didn’t see anything directly related to the kind of graduate students–studying part time and at a distance–that we are researching in designing social and technological supports GRAIL, but we could submit this portal as a promising practice for socializing doctoral students, perhaps!


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