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I’ve gotten into the habit of regularly scanning many blogs aggregated through Bloglines and GRAIL over the past few months. The process is not as onerous as it sounds. Not every blogger writes everyday, and I tend to read fast. I’ve also tailored the feeds down to the ones that I personally find most insightful or useful, and I’m always interested in finding more voices out there in our research community.

So, I had another go searching for graduate student blogs in Bloglines and found a couple right away that might interest others:

One that has a lot of links to other graduate students in our area is Breaking into the Academy, A blog by Michael Barbour in Athen, GA, who’s a third- year Ph.D. student working on his comps. Note the tags on this site.

A relatively new blog is Learning through Weblogs,
is by Claude Gagne, a MA candidate in the Communication and Culture at York/Ryerson Universities in Toronto, ON. This one has links to full-text articles and .pdfs.

Looking forward to seeing other blogs people find.


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  1. Nobuko,
    I just checked Claude Gagne’s blog and the address did not work. I think he has stopped it or changed his blog. If you could trace him please let me know.

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