Confessions of a Conference Junkie

Some of my participants say they decide which online notes to read based on juicy titles, so I couldn’t resist trying this strategy out for a blog entry:)

Yes, I’ve been at another conference, OISE/UT’s Teacher Education for the Schools We Need Conference. Clare, Kim and I co-presented a paper on the Technology Infusion Project that we’ve been working on. You can get a copy of our paper here if you’re interested.

The highlight for me at this conference was Marilyn Cochran-Smith’s talk, Reforming Teacher Education: Research, Policy and Politics. I really liked the four images of research (weapon, warranty, foundation, and stance) that she presented in the discourse of teacher education, because she framed these images in such a clear and convincing way. At the conference, we also bought a copy of Preparing Teachers for a Changing World: What Teachers Should Learn and Be Able to Do by Linda Darling-Hammond and John Bransford, that I’m looking forward to reading.

Next weekend I’ll be heading to CSSE at Congress
to present a couple of papers. I’ve also submitted another conference paper proposal, and am now reviewing papers for a conference.

So that’s what I’ve been busy working on–conference stuff–but I’m also staying Toronto for the summer, so adjusting to life in the city. I miss my garden, so I’ve been playing around uploading photos on Flickr. So I’ll blog more on that soon.

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