Blogs as artifacts of inquiry



Brian set up this Moveable Type based blog for me to test out from Clare’s license, based on Wendy’s recommendations for me to evaluate this.

I like that I can
– add and organize the entries using categories
– make entended entries, making more discursive interaction possible
– use icons at top right of the textbox instead of using html markup tags
– upload files relatively easily, and decide to have thumbnails, embed or pop up, etc. (note: I lost the text that I had typed in when I did this, though)snugatcottage.jpg

I am not sure how excerpts, trackback/URL pings work yet.
I’m going to test these features out soon.

I noticed that I couldn’t publish, got an error message. Try again without photo. Got tech-savvy spouse to stand over shoulder, a sure-fire IT problem solver. Lo-and-behold, it works!


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