Revisiting the blog

Since I moved to Windsor to become a faculty member, first in the Faculty of Education, and later in the Office of Open Learning, my blogging really slowed down. Finding time to reflect and write became a challenge with my academic workload of 50% teaching, 30% service, and 20% research. I was simply too busy supporting faculty and students with digital teaching and learning to have any time left over to allocate to non-refereed writing.

As an academic, I work a lot. Even when I am not working on campus or working from home, I read about things I am interested in as a teacher or researcher and try to stay abreast of new developments.

I am always researching and learning something, even in my spare time, not that I have much. As a spouse to another academic and a parent of three kids, two of whom are engaged in competitive sports, we are forever driving to and from their activities. There are always ideas that I am working with, and I thought that maybe I will blog about them here. I do like to write, and I have published articles about my involvement in equestrian activities.

So, not all the ideas that I will blog about are about my work in higher education, but this is my very own virtual space. Readers can choose to focus on what interests them. And no, I will not count my non-academic blog posts as non-refereed “other” publications.


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