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I just discovered the QuickPost bookmarklet feature in Movable Type 3.31 that lets me compose an entry directly from a website that I’m on and would like to blog about (and link to) by clicking on a bookmark.

For browsing, I generally use Mozilla Firefox or Safari, both of which can display bookmarks on the toolbar. Having the Quickpost on the bookmark toolbar saves me a step from having to login first and insert a URL link within an entry.

If you’re interested in doing the same, when you login in to Movable Type, you’ll see the Quickpost bookmarklet link towards the bottom right of the screen. All I had to do was click and drag the bookmark onto my tool bar. (Aside: Much easier than trying to figure out why MT won’t let me add my new blog to my flickr account so that I can blog directly from a photo –something to do with how MT server was set up at OISE.).

The site I began this entry from is PortfolioMaker.ca – Your Professional Portfolio Assistant. It’s an e-portfolio site created by Deborah Berrill at Trent University, and I’ll be learning how to use it at an upcoming workshop offerred by Trent’s Instructional Development Center. My own research has focused intensely on collaborative online discussion environments rather than those that highlight individual growth; however, I’m really looking forward to learning more about e-portfolios in teacher education and higher education contexts because I’d like to incorporate them into my teaching in the future.

How does this link to my thinking on blogs? personal learning environments like ELGG? I haven’t been playing with the latter in the last little while, but I try to blog regularly. While I tend to consider blogs as being individual spaces, features like Quickpost seems to me to encourage filter-style blog (see for e.g. Blood (2000) ) practices, which is inherently social, isn’t it?


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