Meeting CTL1608 students

This week, I’ve met face-to-face with a lot of students from CTL1608.

Earlier in the week, I was at OISE, and met Seeta and Julie for the first time. This morning, I met up for coffee with Lynn and Peter at The Planet, which is my favourite Peterborough eatery. We’re hoping to meet regularly and keep in touch as we progress through our doctoral program. Maybe Darryllcan join us one of these days, too.

It’s really nice to be able to meet in person with people you’ve met online. Perhaps if people continue to keep in touch, using asynchronous or synchronous technologies, they might be able to meet some day. I suspect Doug will keep on blogging:) Will others? I’ve recently been using Skype, a free internet phone, to connect with a scholar on the west coast that I met at AERA. Check it out, it might be great for connecting to people far away like Amy or Dan, though it could also work for people much closer to home, too.


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