AERA 2005

Wow, what an incredible conference! I definitely recommend graduate students in education to attend future AERA conferences if they can.

I went with one of my committee members, Earl Woodruff, which was great. He introduced me to some of the scholars in the learning sciences community that I much admire–James Greeno, Roy Pea, Tim Koschmann, Micheline Chi, and Michael Jacobson, among others.

I usually focus on attending talks in my area at conferences, but there were discounts on books to be had publishers’ exhibit, and opportunities to catch up with or get to know other researchers at social gatherings 🙂 Lest you get the impression that it was all socializing, I did go see Bruce present the paper he co-authored with Clare. This was helpful for me because my research is closely related to theirs, and I now know what it might be like for me to present my own work at AERA in the future.


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