Analytic Toolkit

A big thank you to Wendy–I seem to have resolved my weblog login and publishing problems for the moment.

Instead of taking more sweeps through my interview data from iteration 1 and 2 like I had planned to this afternoon, I explored the Analytic Toolkit for Knowledge Forum . Looking at the quantitative analyses actually helped me understand the qualitative interview data better, so I guess it is ok to be distracted now and then.

The documentation page for the ATK is at
The reason I reference it is because this link did not jump out at me on the sign on page and had to ask James from IKIT for it.

Anyway, when I first tried to use the ATK last summer to analyze my iteration 1 data, I couldn’t get it to work for me, but sure enough, it works now. Technology frustrates. I liked being able to compare reports on the three databases that I’m analyzing for my thesis. I have 2561 notes so far from three courses to analyze, with about 6.5 more weeks of discussion to go yet in the third course. Well, it’s less than the “millions” I was claiming I had to analyze, but so much more than articles that I have been reading lately that analyze less than 100.


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