To Do Lists

Many people ask me what I am doing with all the “spare time” that I must have now that I have completed my dissertation. Admittedly, unlike professors who have to serve on thesis committees (see Michele Jacobsen’s blog entry, for e.g.:, my schedule is more manageable. I am surprisingly busy, however, with academic work even in the summer intersession. Right now I am working on

  • CSCL 2009 posters
  • some final edits for Qwerty n1. 2009
  • reviewing an article submission for Qwerty n2. 2009
  • serving as a technical program committee member,  reviewing a paper submission for IEEE-TIC-STH-SITT
  • working on a first-author publication out of thesis
  • working on a second-author publication with collaborators on another project
  • reviewing a paper submission for Discourse Processes

among other things. So busy!


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