Gaming as designed experiences

I saw the first part of a documentary called Gamer Revolution on CBC last night. I haven’t delved too far into the educational application of videogames, but this documentary did make a compelling case for the digital technologies that make it possible now to construct, investigate, and interrogate virtual worlds that are increasingly becoming a part of how we work and play. I do think there is a lot of potential for learning through immersive simulations, identity construction with avatars and such, but was a bit disturbed by the part in the documentary about America’s Army and Full Spectrum Warrior. If you’re interested in reading more about game-based learning, check out Kurt Squire’s article in Educational Researcher.

BTW, I finally fixed Will’s sweater.


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  1. Hi Nobuko,
    I don’t think coincidence really exists :). My grad school is organizing a study day for us, the employees, about games and education. I asked them to send us an article in advance in which this issue is discussed in a better way than the so called experts do that we invited to present those games. Article, they said, what do you mean? Yes, I was surprised too. So I am so happy to find your reference to the educational researcher article, assuming that it is very good :). Thanks!

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