GRAIL v1.0



I’ve been focusing on episodes as building blocks in constructing a particular trajectory of progressive discourse. The various student practices, conceptual understandings, resources, and student-generated artefacts I trace historically in this emergent network of activity are co-constitutive, so it is a challenge for me to keep all the bits logically organized, let alone to tell a compelling narrative.

In an attempt to clear my head of thesis work, I went into the new GRAIL environment

and made ‘public’ my resources which were previously ‘private.’

I had earlier set up a group called ‘Activity Theory Group,’ so I added a couple of resources there also.

Currently, I am a group of one, which is no group at all! Maybe I should have set up a ‘Mixed-Methods Research’ group instead to pique the interest of other research group members…


2 responses to “GRAIL v1.0”

  1. I can’t seem to figure out how to join the Activity Theory group, Nobuko…am I missing something? I can see your resources if I remember to click just on “My Grail,” then to click on your name from there, but…as you said, you’re a group of one 🙂

  2. John and Hedieh managed to join the AT group. Try ‘My Group’ and see if a window pops up asking if you would like to join this group? On my end, the only thing I can edit for the group is the description. Hmmm…

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