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Previously, I’ve blogged on interrater reliability and percentage agreement. More recently, my rater and I achieved 87.5% agreement on segmentation of units of analysis, which gave me enough confidence to proceed in asking my rater to code the instances of online discourse data I selected to calculate interrater reliability for my thesis.

This is nerve-wracking stuff. Fortunately, I’m writing conference proposals this week, so I don’t have time to worry about potentially horrible percentage agreement on the content analysis too much. So instead, I’m struggling to figure out how to shorten a proposal, which I think is a good one, but far too long in its current state. I used to believe that writing these would get easier over time, but alas, I seem to be problematizing absolutely everything at a much higher level than ever before!

Sometimes when I get stuck, I go to the gym or take my dogs for a walk. Other times, I read my feeds in Bloglines. Today, I did all of the above. Here are some writing resources tagged by Jill Walker that I have found interesting and hopefully will be useful to others:

on hacking your way out of writer’s block
on how to write a conference paper
on revising an academic paper with a critical eye

I’ll put these resources and others and tag them in GRAIL eventually.


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