Grinding the conceptual gears

Shifting my thinking from one paper to another, all based on my dissertation, is somewhat challenging! I’m shifting between ideas that are more cognitive to those that are more teacher education, but they are inevitably intertwined. To help me transition between papers, I read a number of articles relevant to the papers I’m writing this week. I’ll blog on those eventually, but May is madness full of deadlines!

I started an entry on the co-authoring process, but I’m still not happy with it. So, for now, I’ll just say that I’m learning a lot in the process. The reviewers’ comments on my sole-authored paper address similar issues learned while co-authoring the journal article with Clare and Bruce. Both reviewer comments and the co-authoring helped me learn better why one might include certain data (and not others) and provide evidence for what one is arguing; however, collaborative writing at the intragroup level might be more supportive for less-experienced graduate students than reviewer feedback on conference papers and publications in their entry into the academic discourse.

Two down, more to go!

  • May 15 – journal article co-authored with Clare and Bruce due
  • May 22 – conference proceeding for

  • May 26 – participate in Technology and Teacher Education (TATE) Preconference organized by Thérèse
  • May 28 – present CSSE/CERA symposium paper with Earl, Kim, Jodie, Latika, and Amy
  • May 28 – present CSSE/CATE paper with Clare and Wendy


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