Below is a sample of my guest presentations, available on YouTube.


IxD&A Journal. (2023, Nov 12). IxD&A Journal Issue N.57 – Meet the Authors: Nobuko Fujita [Video]. YouTube.


International Teaching Online Symposium (2021, Jul 1). ITOS 2021: Debriefing and Synthesis Session. The Debriefing and Synthesis Session from Day Two of the Symposium [Video]. YouTube.


National Writing Project. (2020, Feb 3). LEARN Marginal Syllabus (February) – Praisesongs of Place: Youth Envisioning Space and Place [Video]. YouTube.

Our February reading for the 2019-20 Literacy, Equity + Remarkable Notes = LEARN Marginal Syllabus explores the multiliteracies among youth of color who constructed tributes to the city of Detroit and envisioned strengths in their communities. Researchers Vaughn W. M. Watson and Alecia Beymer write about the after-school Verses Project at Detroit’s Community Music School. This article describes the multimodal processes of young writers as they compose in a genre the authors describe as “praisesongs of place.”

Vaughn W. M. Watson, Assistant Professor; Michigan State University
Alecia Beymer, Doctoral Candidate; Michigan State University
Charise McBride, Doctoral Candidate; University of California, Berkeley
Nobuko Fujita, Learning Specialist; University of Windsor
Christina Cantrill, Associate Director, Programs;
National Writing Project Remi Kalir, Assistant Professor, University of Colorado;
Co-Founder, Marginal Syllabus

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Educator Innovator. (2019, May 7). Marginal Syllabus (May) – Freirean Counternarratives to Support Student Voice [Video]. YouTube.

Our May, 2019 reading for Literacy, Equity + Remarkable Notes = LEARN looks at activism in a high school English classroom where students challenge a school policy as a “problematic text.” In a piece written for the English Journal, authors Everardo Pedraza and R. Joseph Rodriguez spotlight the youth participatory action research of Pedraza’s students, and the way their writing of Freirean counternarratives became a vehicle for them to speak truth to power and enact policy change.

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Educator Innovator. (2019, Jan 8). Marginal Syllabus (January) – Generative Principles for Professional Learning [Video]. YouTube.

The authors of January’s Marginal Syllabus reading, along with other educators, join CLTV for a discussion about the experiences of English teachers in urban settings and teaching for social justice. The discussion gravitates around the results of a longitudinal study that examined the professional learning and teaching practices of early-career teachers over five years.

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